Sunday, 6 December 2009

The 2010 Reading Challenge

After the comments left on my post here, and some consultation with the members of the Science Fiction Fans group on LibraryThing, I have come up with a list of twelve fantasy novels for next year's reading challenge. Those books are:

The plan is: each month I will read one of the above, and then blog about it. I won't just be considering the quality of the work in question - the writing, the plotting, the world-building, etc. - but also whether or not the book makes me want to continue reading the series. It should prove... informative. Some of the books I've chosen are quite hefty volumes, so it should also prove... strengthening.

I'd just like to reiterate that I won't be coming to modern / secondary world / Tolkienesque (whichever term you might prefer) fantasy completely cold. I've read Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, Steven Erikson... a whole bunch of fantasy. But none of the above, of course.

The list may change, depending on whether or not I can get hold of a chosen title. I already have Colours in the Steel on my book-shelves, so that'll be January's read.


Fried Egg said...

Good luck Ian. This should prove interesting.

Anonymous said...

Eh? Damn - that's another one crossed off the list of titles for my autobiography. Seriously (well, a bit), every time you find one you don't like, am I allowed to cackle and tell you that you should have taken the Cabell option instead?

Ian Sales said...

You know damn well I'm not going to like some of them. I don't consider myself a fantasy fan, and I think you have to be a fan of the genre to really enjoy some of the series it has produced.